When making a reservation with Cheapticketbook.com, the customer is requested to pay at least 25% of the total package cost along with the complete booking amount of airline ticket and transfers availed on the grounds. For more information about payment procedure, kindly refer to the Payment Policy.

As per the regulations by the TSA, the passengers are required to provide the following details:

  • Complete name of the passenger as per the Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address (For sending documents if requested)
  • Credit Card Payment Information

At the time of making reservations for your vacations, the customer can share the special requests with our vacation experts in relation to the assistance with a disabled passenger. The same information then will be cascaded to the respective airline/hotel property/resort/transport service for approval. Please note, the delivery of these special requests are subject to the approval from the respective travel suppliers and Cheapticketbook.com can only pass on the message to the travel supplier.

Customers are requested to contact us regarding change of details or cancellation of your reservation at the earliest. It is strongly recommended to communicate all the detail changes within 24 hours of the reservation. Any change of details or cancellation are subject to additional process charges and other taxes and fees imposed by the respective travel supplier. Please note, at times, it is possible that the respective supplier may request to cancel the reservation and make a new reservation with correct details and it may cause some additional charges or fees that shall be borne by the customer only.

The ratings given to the resort/hotel properties are decided based on various contributing factors including but not limited to an overall recognized rating, services provided by the property, our customer's experience and more.

From time to time, Cheapticketbook.com provide promotional codes and special offers to specific customers to enjoy a better experience based on the previous behaviors, customer's satisfaction and occasional schemes and promotional campaigns.

Prices shown on the website are subject to vary based on the travel dates, number of passengers, seasonality, departure city, amenities available, services asked and many more factors. Hence, customers often find some change between the prices shown on the website and the quotation prices shared by our vacation experts.

In case of international travel, a passenger is required to carry the passport at all times. For many countries and regions across the globe, the VISA requirements are available based on the nationality of the passenger. For more information, we request you to kindly refer to the embassy of the respective destination to know more about the documents required during the travel.

In case a customer has booked the airline flight as well with us, the baggage allowance will be provided with the travel documents communicated from Cheapticketbook.com to the customer prior to travel. However, at the time of making your reservations, customers can also ask our vacation experts about the baggage allowance for the respective flight ticket.

Yes! Customers can submit a request to increase the baggage allowance for a specific or all airline flight tickets booked with Cheapticketbook.com. However, the baggage allowance is subject to additional charges as well as availability and the policies may vary from airline to airline. Furthermore, there are a number of airlines traveling across the world that do not provide additional baggage allowance to the customers.

The US Custom Department has its regulatory regarding bringing back duty-free goods from a respective destination and the value is subject to change as per the destination as well as type of goods and services. For more information, kindly refer to the website of USA custom Department.

In such situations, we request you to kindly get in touch with our vacation experts at the earliest on 888-540-2694 to get further assistance on the subject.

The flight schedule is subject to change as per the guidelines of the respective airline. We strongly recommend to check your flight departure time at least 24 hours prior to departure and again prior to leaving for the airport especially in the cases of possible delays due to bad weather.

All travel related documents are emailed to the customer right after the vacation package amount is received and acknowledged by Cheapticketbook.com.

In case of an international travel, a passenger shall reach to the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure of the respective flight and in the case of domestic travel, we request our customers to reach to the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Code sharing flight is a term used in the passenger aviation industry that comprises partnership between two airlines on a specific route of air travel. In such cases, one airline advertise and bring passengers whereas the other provide air travel services to the respective passengers.

Yes! On the request of our customers, we can always provide first class airline ticket reservation to the customers. Furthermore, such requests can also be placed for business class and premium class travel. However, it is possible that due to comparatively limited seats in premium/business/first class cabins, the seat might not come available in the particular segment.

Infants are considered to be a passenger that is of 11 months or younger. In such cases, most of the airlines allow the passengers to carry the infant on their lap during the air travel. However, many airlines may charge for some infant related taxes and fees. Furthermore, if the infant turns the age of 2 years during the travel, a purchase of separate seat shall be purchased separately for the remaining travel.

Customers can contact to our vacation experts by calling us on toll free numbers shared at the time of communication.

In many of our vacation packages, the facility of airport-hotel transfer is included that covers your transfer from the designated airport to the resort mentioned in the itinerary on the day of your arrival. Furthermore, on the last day of your itinerary, you will be provided a return transfer from the hotel to the airport.

On certain requests, some of the additional activities and tours can be arranged from Cheapticketbook.com. Please note, the cost of these additional activities and tours are not included in the itinerary shared with you and may cost extra. In some cases, for certain activities, the payment shall be made on the site to the specific vendor of the respective activity.

Many resorts and hotel properties listed on our website have a specific sort of dress code for dining and special events organized on frequent basis. For more information on the subject, we request you to kindly check with your vacation expert.

The meal plan in every hotel is different and is basically divided into the sections of All-Inclusive, Inclusive, Bed and Breakfast and European Plans. All-inclusive refers to the all meals, beverages, daily activities, gratuities and many more activities excluding the non-motorized water sports. Inclusive plan covers all meals and drinks and excludes activities as per the plan of the respective resort property. Bed and breakfast is referred to the meal plan where only breakfast as buffet or room service (as per the resort/hotel policies) are provided. European plan refers to the services that doesn't include any meal or beverage as a part of the services purchased at the time of reservation.

On special request for a certain number of destinations, car rental services are available. For more information on the subject, kindly contact your vacation expert.

Yes! On special requests, the services of travel insurance is available from Cheapticketbook.com. Kindly contact to your vacation expert about the same.

Cheapticketbook.com welcomes any feedback or concern to improve the services and provide better experience to our customers. To address your concern or feedback, kindly write an email to us on [email protected] .

Cheapticketbook.com can convey your request to the respective travel service provider and report the same to them. However, Cheapticketbook.com takes no responsibility or guarantee of your belongings during the travel.

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